In love, engaged, almost married

Get married. Maybe you’ve been dreaming about it your whole life…maybe you never expected it. But BAM, suddenly the love of your life was on his/her knee. OR maybe you’re the modern-day hero and you took a knee yourself! In any case: you’ve finally found the love of your life and soon your big day will be here <3

“You’ve finally found the love of your life and soon your big day will be here!

Super exciting of course, but with finding your life partner, the search is not over yet. The real searching begins now! A location, a cake, a dress…

How do I do my hair!?

And then all those questions pop up that a wedding brings along. The answer to one question you already know, that will be a resounding YES of course! But the answers to all the other questions…? What do you wear? How do I do my make-up? Is my mother-in-law welcome too? 😆 And not to forget: How do I do my hair!? Luckily, Pinterest is there for the inspirationless moments. A blessing, but also a curse. Because how are you going to choose between all those beautiful hairstyles!?

“All those beautiful hairstyles. How do I choose the right hairstyle for my wedding?”

PS. Also all the single ladies (now put your hands up!) or -yet- not engaged women can enjoy this blog and get inspired!

The bridal hairstyle of your dreams

Choosing the perfect bridal hairstyle can cause a lot of tension, especially if you feel unsure of yourself at times. Something you don’t want to deal with at all in this soon-to-be-wed phase of your life. And certainly not on your most beautiful day. That’s why we, as women among each other -and as hopeless romantics- would love to help you with that specific last question.

All you need is love… and Zascha hair

Because you know what’s really fun? By now we have some experience with brides and bridal hairstyles. Before your courage sinks in and you think: That’s very nice all those long full haircuts, but you can’t do that with my hair.” OH YES dear, you most certainly can! You only need Zascha clip-in extensions! Our clip-ins are made of real human hair and come in a variety of colours so they always blend in perfectly with your own hair. These high quality and affordable clip-ins will make you feel extra special and radiant on your big day!

“Are you thinking: very nice all those long full hairstyles, but you really can’t do that with my hair? It is with clip-in extensions!”

Your hairstylist makes sure your hair is dreamy

Here’s a tip from us: a good hairstylist can take the worry (if not the need!) out of your bridal hairstyle. Find one specifically with experience or at least open to experimenting with this beforehand. Bridal hairstyles are a profession and with clip-in extensions you have so many (more) beautiful options. So you can be sure that he/she can create your dream hairstyle with extensions! So pick your favorites and get busy. And try out a few test hairstyles so you can choose the one you want!

Tips for achieving your perfect bridal hairstyle:

♥ Get inspired and choose a style that suits you
♥ Find a good hairstylist who is experienced in bridal hairstyles and the insertion and blending of hair extensions and with whom you have a good click
♥ Try out a few bridal hairstyles!


12x bridal hairstyles with extensions

To get you started and inspire you, we’ve listed some super gorgeous and diverse hairstyles like this elegant updo: 12x bridal hairstyles with extensions for your wedding. All these hairstyles feature a hair extension set by Zascha Hair. Which hairstyle will you choose? ❤

“Picked out your wedding hairstyle? Ordered your extensions? And found your hairstylist? Let the big day come. Cheers & enjoy!”

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