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Big hair is never out of fashion! This is something that Lily Collins, Adele and ofcourse Ariana Grande (and many many many more) proof. They bring back the BIG ponytail from the 60’s without any effort. This look is a little bit difficult to make with your clip in set, or volumizer. Cause, how do you make sure that you wont see any clips with this hairdo, and how do you get that full glam ponytail? Sit back and relax, cause in this blog we explain everything you need to know about the ponytail step by step:).

What is a ponytail?

The Zascha Hair ponytail is a full 100 gram tail and is 50cm long. On this tail is a slider with coarse legs. This ensures that the ponytail can’t move anywhere and stays in its place. The ponytail also has a loose strip of hair as a finishing touch. This sounds a bit harsh when read like this, but of course we will tell you further on in the blog what you can do with this. The ponytail is suitable for all hair types. However, there are some differences in terms of attestment. This is also something that you will read further on in the blog😊

Hair/ make up: Sandra Bierens
Model: Chantal van Dalen
Color: Espresso Brown

What is the Ponytail made of?

Like our clip in extensions, the ponytail is made from 100% human hair and is double drawn. This means that the tail is full from root to tip. Because the ponytail is made of 100% human hair you can consider it as your own hair. You can style it, curl it, wash it, and even dye it darker. We strongly advise not to dye the hair lighter because of the dyeing process the hair has already had. The roots of the ponytail is finished with high quality lace, and an iron slide with coarse teeth for lots of hold in your own hair without damaging it. The top edge of the ponytail is finished with velcro. Super convenient, so you can adjust the tail to different thicknesses of hair! We also use multi-tone colouring, which ensures a nice match with your own hair colour, even if it differs slightly from the extensions.

On the picture you see the Melted Blonde Ponytail.

How to use?

Here we go. You’re all set, you’ve styled the ponytail to your desire, and you’re ready to use it. What do you need: A Zascha Hair ponytail (dáh) some sliders and rubber bands, preferably not plastic, and the product that gives you strength in your hair. Have no idea what product to use for this? Here is the tip of the day!

Using it is relatively simple, just like the clip ins, you just need to get the hang of it. Whatever hair type you have, it is important that you make sure you have a good firm tail of yourself. You can get this in different ways:

1 You can apply foam in your hair and blow dry it well.
2 You can tease the roots of your hair.
3 You can use volume powder.
4 You can use multiple rubber bands (no more than 3)

It all depends on how you feel about your hair type. After this you can style your tail as you like so it will fit nicely into the structure of your ponytail. When you are completely satisfied with your tail and its strength, you can start attaching the ponytail.

For the visually inclined ladies, Sabrina Dijkman shows you how to use the ponytail in the video below. Sab has chosen to curl the ponytail after she has put it in, this is of course also possible! Sabrina uses the Melted Blondein the video

Step 1 Unfold the ponytail, and slide the teeth of the pin between your scalp and the elastic. Make sure the teeth are all the way in.
Step 2 Next, form the Velcro tightly around your tail.
Step 3 Wrap the loose end around your tail. This loose tuft can be well fixed by one or two slides that you can push / slide under the tail.
Step 4 All you have to do now is check if everything is to your liking and finish off with some hairspray if necessary.

Full/much hair

Do you have a lot of thick hair or would you like to make a high ponytail? Then you can make two tails underneath each other and put the ponytail on the top tail. This will prevent your own hair from coming through the ponytail and will disguise the thickness of your own hair. This is useful when the ponytail is used mainly as an extension!
Curious how this looks? See it in our IGTV!

Muah: Sandra Bierens

Taking care of

Because the ponytails are of the same quality as our clip ins, we also recommend the same way of caring for them. This blog contains many tips, tricks and an extensive explanation.

Help with choice

Hopefully we have been able to get you excited and you are eager to order a ponytail. Important when choosing the right color is that the ponytail matches the point where you want to put it. If you want to wear it mostly high up, you should look at the colour of the roots of your hair.

Can’t get enough of all the inspiration and tutorials, and want to see how the ponytail is used? In this video, Karin from Beauty by Francis shows you how!

Of course you can al-ways ask us for help when you are not quite sure. Feel free to send a chat message, or an email to info@zascha.nl. Of course you can also contact us through Facebook or send us a whatsapp at 085-2250281.

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