Do you usually wear your hair with clip-in extensions loose? And do you want to wear it differently? We give you inspiration and tips for a beautiful braid or knot. This time: the easy but oooohh so beautiful fishbone braid!

  • If you want a slightly tighter herringbone: Brush your hair well and make sure your hair is free of frizz. If you want a nonchalant fishbone: comb your hair with your hands.
  • Distribute the clip-in extensions in your hair. See our clip-in guide

Important! When braiding your hair, it is important that the clip-in extensions are not too close to your hairline (contour). Make sure you have enough of your own hair to cover the extension clips.

  • This braid starts at your neck. Divide your hair into two even strands.
  • Keep in mind your clip-in extensions and don’t pull the braid too tight at the start. If you want a messy fishbone keep the braid loose.
  • Take a strand in each hand. From the right strand, take a thin piece of hair on the outside. Turn it over to the left side. Add the thin puck to the left strand. From the left strand, take a smaller strand and pass it along the top to the right side. Add the thin puck to the right strand. Repeat these steps until you reach the end of the hair.
  • At the end of the braid you can secure the hair with a hair elastic.
  • To make your braid look messy, occasionally pull some loose, fine tufts out of your braid with Zascha hair extensions.
  • Fix your elegant or messy fishbone braid with hairspray.

Do you have any fun photos of your fishbone braid? Share them with us!

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