December is upon us again and you know what that means, party!!! Of course we have Christmas and all the parties, around New Years Eve. We assume you have been shopping for sparkles like crazy. But… what to do with your hair? At least as important!

So that calls for at least 3, no, 4 (25 and 26 December) hairstyles! And of course Zascha has taken that into account. Especially for you we have created 4 festive hairstyles. Look and learn!

“So pour yourself a hot chocolate with whipped cream (and marshmallows) and get inspired!”

Difficult? Nah! But just to be sure, we’ve also record some “how to” tutorials for you. So pour yourself a hot chocolate with whipped cream (and marshmallows) and get inspired!

1. The Crownbraid

Party hairstyle #1 is the beautiful Crownbraid by Sabrina Dijkman. Have you been binge-watching Reign, The Crown & Victoria like crazy and absolutely loving all those regal updo’s that keep passing your image? Then this is the hairstyle for you! Easy, fast and very véry royal!

For this hairstyle you need next to 4 small rubber bands (preferably in your own hair color), a lot of bobby pins. Mskr sureyou have a big can of hairspray! Tip: Finish off your crown braid with a statement tiara and we guarantee all eyes will be on you all evening!

“Easy, quick and very véry royal!”

Not very good with braiding? Then ask your sister, friend or mother if they would like to help you a hand. To make it super easy for you, we record a “How to” video of this hairstyle just for you. Good luck!

🎥 Watch the video tutorial here!

2. Boho braids

These boho braids are always good. During a festival, in combination with a beautiful boho jewelry Or in everyday life, during an intense sports session for example, where you want your hair out of your face but really want to impress that one hunk who effortlessly pushes away 100kg. Or, during a fancy party. Christmas for example, or New Year’s Eve! This hairstyle is in combination with some highlighter and A set of beautiful earrings a real statement hairstyle. You are sure to leave a smashing impression!

Very usefull: Small rubber bands in your own hair colour. Make also sure you have your curling iron so you can curl the strands that are hanging loose in your face!

“This hairstyle, when paired with some highlighter and a set of gorgeous earrings, is a real statement hairstyle.”

This hairstyle is perfect for wearing your most beautiful earrings with. Don’t you have anything like that? You can shop a nice set that you can’t go wrong with at Zara (Statement earrings Zara €12,95).

🎥 Watch the video tutorial here!

3. Gatsby glam

A beautiful wave, sparkling hair ornaments and volume. A lot of volume! This hairstyle looks great with your glitter dress. Absolutely beautiful, a bare shoulder! For this hairstyle you need a curling iron (the Max Pro Twist 32mm is a must), a coarse brush, volume powder and some nice sliding pins! Favorite address, Zara. But H&M also has some very nice sets!

What you need to do: Wash your hair the night before so it’s nice and clean, and when towel-dried, add some volume mousse. Let it soak in overnight. The morning after, comb it through well and start curling.

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“Once you’ve curled all your hair, let your curls rest for a while (start your makeup in the meantime).”

Then wrap some thicker strands around the iron and let sit for 10 seconds. After removing the iron, don’t immediately lower the curl but hold it in your hand for another 10 seconds. Once you’ve curled all your hair, let your curls rest for a bit (start your makeup in the meantime).

After 15 to 20 minutes, gently comb through the curls with a coarse brush. Now create a parting above your right or left eye, depending on which way you want your quiff to fall, and then pick up your volume powder. Now gently take the top tuft of your roots, and add some volume powder under your crest. Drop your crest and style. Slide the other side of your hair behind your ear and secure it with your dainty hairpins. The more the merrier! A little hairspray to keep everything neatly in place and you’re good to go!

4. The Glam Braid

When you are a bit clumpsy, (like us) you might prefer to have your hair out of your face during all those chic dinners? Then this glam braid is the solution for you! Super easy and super stylish! For this braid, use our new clip-in braid, available in 2 lengths and 4 very blendable colours.

Because the glam braid is a bit tricky to explain (don’t worry, absolutely not tricky to make) we made a “how to” video especially for you. If you have any questions after watching the movie, about the haircut or about the products that are used, please feel free to contact us.

🎥 Watch the video tutorial here!

“Your best friend for your masterpiece is a good hairspray.”

For this glam braid, our new “Clip in braid“A must have! Your best friend for your masterpiece is a good hairspray. Our favorite: the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin hairspray. When your braid is finished you can style it with these awesome pins.

Cheers to your never ending good hair days ✨