Summer is coming!

And that means that we can take our dresses, worn-out jeans shorts and skirts out of the closet again! And with what do they combine better than a sunkissed skin? Exactly, endless beachy waves.

In this blog we discuss how to keep your extensions beautiful , even during the hot summer days. And to conclude, we will teach you how to easily and quickly create a beachwave in your hair.

“In this blog we discuss how to keep your extensions beautiful, even during the hot summer days.”

You need a number of things for this look. What exactly you will learn in this blog. So grab an ice-cold pina colada and read on!

Taking care of

Swimming in salt water with your extensions in? Is that possible? We ask Loraine, Loraine works part-time for Zascha and has been wearing Zascha hair for years! “Yes, no problem. Trust me, I’ve done it so many times. But of course it can shorten the life of your extensions if you don’t take good care of them afterwards!

“Swimming in salt water with your extensions in? Is that possible? Yes, no problem.”

“It is very important that you wash/rinse your extensions well after swimming in salt water. Before washing them, take each weft separately and rinse the roots with the clips well with only water under the tap. After rinsing, pat them thoroughly with a towel. Once you have rinsed and dried all the wefts individually, carefully comb them through and then stack them together with all the clips on the same side. When you have done this, roll up the wefts neatly and tie them with a rubber band just below the clips. You have now, as it were, made a tail out of your wefts. ”

“Take your hair and gently wet it. This can be done while showering or at the sink. Wherever you do it, make sure the roots and clips stay dry. Take a good intensive nourishing shampoo and massage it into the hair. Massage the shampoo all over the hair not just the outside. Then rinse the shampoo well. ”

“… keep in mind that your extensions are made of 100% human hair and are therefore just as fragile as your own hair!”

Now massage a good nourishing conditioner into the hair and leave it on for a minute or 2. Then rinse it well untill there is no foam or conditioner left. While the hair is still wet, loosen the rubber band and separate the wefts. Pat them dry 1 by 1 with a towel. Do not rub! And then hang them to dry in your Easiweft. ”

TIP: If you don’t have easy weft, place a towel over your radiator and hang the wefts over it to dry. It is best to do this just before going to sleep so that your extensions can dry overnight and you do not need a hair dryer. When completely dry you comb your extensions well and you can use and style them again as before!

Swimming in chlorine with your extensions?

Of course it is nice to hear that Loraine can do everything with her extensions, but keep in mind that your extensions are made of 100% human hair and are therefore just as fragile as your own hair! Therefore keep in mind; Salt spray? fun! A chlorine spray? Hell no!

Chlorine often only causes damage and especially in combination with sun and an SPF it can be very harmful to your extensions.

“Keep in mind; Salt spray? Nice! A chlorine spray? Hell no!”

Long story short, you can swim with your extensions in. Although we do not recommend it at Zascha. If you do, like Loraine, make sure you take good care of them afterwards!

TIP: Keep in mind that you give your hair some extra attention in the summer. Not only your skin has a hard time during the warm summer months! Therefore, provide good protection with SPF for your hair. Below we have made a selection of good care sprays that do not unnecessarily weigh down your hair and protect against UV radiation.

How to: Luscious beachy waves!

First, the essentials! You need a curling iron of at least 25 mm! Heat the iron and comb your hair well in the meantime. A nice method is to work in three sections. You make the first section by parting halfway down your ear and securing the rest of your hair to your head with a clip. You now start by twisting about 4cm of plucking around your curling iron. Work alternately. You turn one section forwards, the next section you turn backwards. Never turn the section all the way to the end, but leave 1 turn at the end each time. This gives the best result.

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When you have curled the entire first section, gently spray a little bit of hairspray over it from a distance of 12 inches/ 30cm. Not too much and not too close! Now part your ear above your ear and repeat the process. This also applies to your third and final section.

“For extra volume, you can backcomb the hair just a little bit.”

Now part it depending on how you want to wear your hair. First make an extra part to the left of this division and place some volume powder here along the roots. For extra volume you can backcomb the hair just a little bit. Repeat this on the right side of your part. Now gently run your fingers through your hair to pull the waves apart. As a finishing touch, you can add a salt spray that will give your hair that real “ Just got out of the ocean ”Look (Rituals has a good one and it smells delicious, shop here )! Now you are all set and ready to enjoy your luscious beachy waves!

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