Long days, warm nights, and salty hair! Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Absolutely! And with beautiful hair and a boost of self-confidence, you never know what the summer will bring. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to keep your extensions looking fabulous, even during the scorching summer days. So hopefully, you’re sitting comfortably, enjoying an ice-cold piña colada because I’m sure you’ll be delighted after reading this blog!

Tip 1: Do you get hot quickly? Then putting your hair up is a great option!

Putting your hair up is also a good idea when: you go swimming! We strongly advise against swimming with your clip-in extensions at Zascha Hair. It can shorten the lifespan of your extensions if you don’t take proper care of them afterward! That would be a shame of course, considering your expensive purchase! Tip 2: To enjoy your clip-in extensions as long as possible, we recommend minimizing washing them or getting them wet. This way, you’ll get the most out of them. Every time your extensions get wet, a part of the special coating that keeps them looking beautiful wears off. If you really can’t go without your clip-in extensions (which is understandable, of course), make sure to put them up and rinse them immediately with clean water if they accidentally get wet.

‘But what about weaves? Which I wear permanently?’

Weaves are made of a different quality than clip-in extensions and can withstand more. However, we still recommend handling them as gently as possible. You can swim with them in saltwater, preferably secured, and rinse them with clean water immediately after swimming.

Swimming in chlorine with your extensions?

Tip 3: Avoid chlorinated water. This applies to both weaves and clip-ins. How many blondes have ended up with their hair in ketchup at some point? Feel free to raise your hand, we won’t tell anyone. Been there, done that, haha!

So, how do I best take care of my extensions?

It is very important to wash your weaves thoroughly after swimming in saltwater. Tip 4: Before washing your hair with shampoo, give the hair a thorough rinse from roots to tips. Use a nourishing shampoo and conditioner. Apply the shampoo to all the wefts and gently massage it in. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly and apply the conditioner, repeating the same technique. For extra care, we recommend using a lovely hair mask once a week, leaving it on for 10 minutes. If you’re curious about the products we recommend and how to wash your clip-ins, read our washing blog!

Tip 5: Keep in mind that your extensions are made of 100% human hair and are therefore just as delicate as your own hair!

When the hair is wet, we recommend patting it dry instead of rubbing and blow-drying, allowing it to air dry.

Extensions and sunscreen.

From experience, we now know that extensions can discolor when they come into contact with SPF for the skin. Super annoying, of course, because good sun protection is essential! After extensive research and numerous tests, we have discovered that the following substances in sunscreen are the culprits: 1. Octocrylene 2. Oxybenzone and number 3, the worst one: Avobenzone. With the latter substance, we clearly observed a warm glow appearing in the extensions which we couldn’t remove. Avoid these at all times.

If you see any of these ingredients listed in your sunscreen, it’s better to keep searching for a better one. Tip 6: There is also SPF specifically designed for hair! This protection is a great addition for your hair. However, keep in mind that not only your hair but also your skin suffers during the hot summer months! Therefore, ensure proper protection with SPF and don’t let this discourage you from applying sunscreen to your skin. That is even more important than your hair 🙂

Short summary

We strongly discourage swimming with clip-in extensions. Swimming with Zascha weaves is possible, although we also do not recommend it. If you choose to do so, ensure proper care and avoid exposing your hair to sunscreen. 🌞

If you have any other questions or if anything is still unclear, feel free to send us a chat massage or an email to info@zascha.nl. Of course you can also contact us through Facebook or send us a whatsapp at 085-2250281! We are happy to help!

Why thin hair?

Do you (suddenly) have thin hair? You are not alone! It is a known issue for many women. But why is this, where does it come from? The thickness of your hair is generally genetically determined. So does your mom or dad have thin hair? Chances are you’ve got it too (thanks mom and dad). It could also be that your thin strands are due to poor nutrition, combing wet hair, and blow drying and styling without heat protection. Other reasons could be due to stress, illness, poor sleep or medication (or a combination). Is this a bad thing? Well, of course it isn’t catastrophic, but as a woman you sometimes just can’t get used to what you see in the mirror. What to do ?!

“Is it a bad thing to have thin hair? Of course it isn’t catastrophic, but as a woman you sometimes just can’t get used to what you see in the mirror. What to do ?!

Lots of tips for thicker hair, but still little volume

You’ve probably googled for hours on end to search for tips and / or desperately asked your girlfriends and hairdresser for advice. Motivated, you’ve tried out everything, but you still notice little to no difference. Or maybe you have lost even more hair in the meantime (argh!). We understand the disappointment very well. You think you have accepted it, but you still dream of voluminous hair! We know (from experience) that it can be extremely frustrating. What if we tell you there is a simple, fast and affordable solution? We would love to make you happy with our clip-in extensions and / or volumizers!

Various voluminous hairstyles with clip-in extensions

Many women think of hair lengthening when they think about hair extensions. Some are concerned that it may look fake. But did you know that extensions are also very suitable for creating extra volume? And that it looks very natural with real human hair? We’ll show you in the before and after photos below! Hello thickness and volume

Clip-in extension set for natural looking longer hair: 40cm (16″) / 120g


The 50cm (20″) / 220g set of extensions is very suitable for creating extra length and volume:

Clip-in extensions are easy to clip in and take out yourself

And the best thing? We have extensions in different colors, thicknesses and lengths so we definitely have a match for you! You can have them trimmed at your hairdresser’s if necessary. And very convenient: you can easily clip them in and out yourself. Do you want to know how? Check our tutorial blog.

In short, if you want to go full glam for a party or look like a goddess on vacation, you will rock both looks with our hair! No hassle and using clip-in extensions will not lead to breakage. Choose your set and you will have a full head of hair in just a few days! Would you like to test the color first? You can order color samples here.

This is how you can create volume with the volumizer.

Do you have long hair, but would you like to have thicker and more voluminous hair? Or are you looking for a little extra padding for an updo? Then the clip-in volumizer is perfect! This is one clip-in weft that you can easily and quickly clip into your hair. You can also use the volumizer as an addition to a complete set. So (much!) more thickness and more volume. Select your desired color, length and thickness. Not sure about the color? You can order a color sample to find the perfect match! Go grap yours! 😉

But, should I go for a clip-in set or a volumizer?

A set :

7 or 8 wefts with different widths
More thickness, volume and length
♥ 100% human hair
♥ Extra double drawn & natural straight
Choice between 40cm (16″), 50cm (20″) and 60cm (24″)
120 – 250 grams
♥ Super easy to place
♥ Affordable
Various hairstyles possible


1 weft of 25 cm wide
More thickness and volume
♥ 100% human hair
♥ Extra double drawn & natural straight
Choice between 40cm (16″), 50cm (20″) and 60cm (24″)
50, 60 and 70 grams
♥ Super easy to place
♥ Affordable
Perfect if you want more volume

Have fun with your lovely new locks!

From short to long hair whenever you want!

Did you just order a lovely set of clip-in hair extensions or do you already have them at home and can’t wait to use them? In this blog – with video included – we will show you step-by-step how to easily achieve voluminous and long hair in a few minutes. Especially if you are going to use your clip-ins for the first time, this will help you a lot! With clip-in hair extensions you don’t have to choose between short or long hair. You clip your long hair in and out easily. How perfect is that?

What’s great about the Zascha extensions is that the clips are super strong and stable. They have a silicone strip to secure the weft well so they won’t fall out. All you have to do is open and close the clips.

“They have a silicone strip to secure the weft well so they won’t fall out.”

Okay, almost. But hey, clipping in your hair is really easy! You just need to know how. You’ll need: Your full set of clip-in extensions and a mirror. Additionally, a hair clip and soft brush are also very useful! Let’s get started!

1. Brush and part your own hair.

Start by brushing your own hair well with a soft brush. Preferably use a TangleTeezer®. This brush, used by professionals, can be used on dry and wet hair and prevents hair breakage. Then make a straight horizontal part at the nape of your neck and clip the rest of your hair up with a hair clip.

“For extra hold you can backcomb the hair at the roots …”

For extra hold you can backcomb the hair at the roots and spray some hairspray on top or use some volume powder. This is not always necessary, but can give just a little more grip for smoother / finer hair. Use a teasing brush for backcombing.

2. Start with the 3-clip wefts

Now take the 3-clip weft with 3. Brush it well before putting it in your hair. Start at the ends of the hair and work your way up carefully. You can gently pull apart any tangles with your fingers. Then, you find the center of your hair and clip the middle clip into the roots of your hair.

“Make sure you clip as close to the roots as possible so that it is secure.”

Make sure to clip as close to the roots as possible so that it is secure. Then clip the left and right sides firmly. The other wefts are placed in exactly the same way. Make a new horizontal division just above the first clipped weft and clip in the second 3-clip weft.

3. Apply de 4-clip and 5-clip weft (if included in your set)

Part your hair from ear to ear right above your second clipped weft and secure the rest of your hair with a hair clip. The set contains one 4-clip weft of 20cm (8″) wide. Again, this is placed as close to the roots as possible. Do you have a set for thick hair? Then you have an extra weft of 25cm (10″) wide!

“Place the wider weft well below your crown area”

If that’s the case, make a horizontal part about 5cm below the crown of your head and clip away the rest of your hair. Take the 5-clip weft of 25cm(10″) and clip it in like you did the previous wefts. Now all the wider wefts are clipped in on the back of your head and only the narrow ones are left.

4. Place the narrow 2 and 1-clip wefts.

The set includes two 2-clip wefts and two 1-clip wefts. These narrow wefts add volume to the sides and ensure that everything blends together nicely. Part the hair horizontally on the side of your head about 2cm (1″) above your ear and clip the rest of your hair away with a hair clip. Take the 2-clip weft and clip it in.

“These narrow wefts add volume to the sides and ensure that everything blends together nicely.”

Then you divide a part of your hair above the 2-clip weft and clip away the rest of your hair. Brush the 1-clip weft and clip it in as close to the roots as possible above the 2-clip weft. Repeat this on the other side of your head. Brush your hair and check in the mirror if all wefts are invisible, especially at the back.

And you’re ready!

“…Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be done in a few minutes!…”

Please note that, just like everything else, practice makes perfect. Take the time to sit in front of the mirror and play around with the process. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be done in a few minutes! For the hard-working ladies who don’t have time to read this blog or for the ladies who do have the time but just don’t feel like it – no one is judging you – we have a special “How to: Placing your clip-in hair extensions video. Sit back, relax, and learn.

Hopefully, our explanation is clear enough for you to follow. Do you still have hesitations? No worries! Feel free to send an email to info@zascha.nl. Of course you can also contact us through Facebook or send us a whatsapp at 085-2250281!

Extensions, YES PLEASE! But which color do I choose?

Finally, you’re doing it. Many days (and maybe even nights) you have been thinking about them, had some doubts, pushed the idea away, or maybe you’ve even saved for them! But today, you are going to take the first step towards your own, brand new, extensions from Zascha Hair. We, the Zascha Hair girls, understand very well that if you have never had hair extensions before, it is a pretty big deal to order them for the first time. Especially because they’re quite the expense. Fortunately, there are many ways to find out which set and color is the perfect match for you!

First of all, we are happy to help, to see which color is perfect for you! We want you to be 100% satisfied with your Zascha hair extensions. We don’t settle for less!

“We want you to be 100% satisfied with your Zascha hair extensions.”

For this we need some good hair photos, so that we can properly assess which color is your match. We prefer to receive 2 to 3 photos from different angles of your hair. Here are some tips:

What not to do:

Try to avoid direct sunlight. This causes overexposure of light in your hair and makes it very difficult to assess the color. The same goes for shadows. This causes underexposure, see example. Photos with filters also cause an unrealistic representation. Unfortunately, we cannot give appropriate advice based on photos with above mentioned issues.

“Try to avoid direct sunlight. This causes overexposure.”

Don’t worry about how you look in the pictures. Only the Zascha team will see them. We won’t do anything with the photos afterwards. Sending us photos is without obligation of course and advice is always free.

What you SHOULD do.

We prefer photos taken in daylight. Make sure that the person taking the photo never shoots into the light. It is also important for us to see all of your hair, from roots to ends. This is because we want to assess the color gradient. Plus, this also helps to determine the desired amount of grams.

“Make sure that the person taking the photo never shoots into the light.”

Make sure your hair is clean. Oily hair looks darker. Brush your hair well and wear it down. Take photos from different angles so that we can see which set suits you best!

Color advice Ponytail

If you wish to purchase a ponytail, it is important that we have a good photo of the roots of your hair. Preferably with your hair in a ponytail. This way we can see which ponytail will match nicely.

Still have doubts?

If you still have some doubts after the color advice, we also provide the option to order samples. We send these samples in a small package so they fit through the mailbox. This way you don’t have to stay home to accept your parcel. Of course you can return the sample afterwards. The total amount of the sample will be refunded to your account.

“We send these samples in a small package so that they fit through the mailbox. You don’t have to stay at home for this.”

If you place your order before 4 p.m. (working days), your package will be handed over to PostNL the same day. In most cases, your order will be delivered to your home within 1 to 2 working days.

Want to order without a sample? A tester weft is included with each set. This is packed separately and can be taken out to see if the color and structure of the hair are a good match for you. If this is not the case, make sure that the hygiene seal / tag (on the full set) is still intact. The set can be returned within 30 days and of course you will receive your money back.

“As long as the hygiene seal / tag is intact, the set can be returned within 30 days.”

Do you have any questions? Feel free to send a Chat Message or an email to info@zascha.nl. Of course you can also contact us via Facebook or send us a whatsapp via 085-2250281!

Every day we look for the connection with you, our customer, to provide you with the best possible service. Everything to make sure you wear your extensions with a smile from ear to ear.