It can be quite a challenge to find the perfect color of clip-in hair extensions to match your own (dyed) blonde hair exactly. Is your hair cool toned and are your extensions a little too warm toned or do they have a yellow hue? Don’t worry, you can tone our blonde 100% Indian Human Hair extensions to match the coolness of your own hair. Curious how? With these 5 steps you can easily and quickly tone your extensions with purple shampoo!

From warm to cool. Toning is easily done with purple shampoo (a must have for cool toned blondies!), but you do need to know how. We are going to show you step by step how to give your blonde extensions that beautiful ashy color. Brush your extensions in preparation to prevent tangling and place all of the items you need at the sink: a brush or comb, towel, purple shampoo* and conditioner. *Schwarzkopf from the drugstore and L’Oréal Expert from the hairdresser work very well. Here we go:

1. Make a bath with purple shampoo

Fill your sink with lukewarm water, add a little purple shampoo and mix with the water so you can no longer see any drops of shampoo floating around in the purple/blue bath.

2. Let’s tone blonde girl

Then, it’s time for the real deal. Grab one weft of extensions and carefully dip it into the purple shampoo bath a few times. You can immediately see the extensions change color and lighten up. Assess the first weft very well before toning your entire set of extensions.

Not sure whether the color is ashy enough? Then, it’s best to let the extensions dry and assess if the color is right. It’s a lot easier to make the extensions ashier than the other way around. Unless you’re going for a smurf look 😉

Please note! Don’t leave your extensions in the purple shampoo bath too long. They can turn grey/blue. So, rather too short, than too long. Having doubts? Dry them first to assess the results.

Do you have a very light colored set? (Melted Blonde, Silver Grey, Misty Morning, Pearl Blonde or Light Blonde). Please note that these colors turn blue more easily. It’s extra important that the water is really warm instead of lukewarm and that the shampoo is dissolved in the water. If this isn’t the case, the color might distribute unevenly and create spots in your extensions.

  • Happy with the results? Continue with the next weft and maintain the same routine: Quickly dip them in the bath a few times and repeat.
  • If you want to see the difference between before and after toning, leave one weft unwashed.

3. Rinse and wring out!

When the extension has been dipped in the batch sufficiently, rinse it with cold water and make sure to get rid of all the shampoo. Wring carefully and set aside. This is how you tone your extensions weft by weft. Try to prevent tangling as much as possible.

4. Apply conditioner and rinse

Toned all wefts? Use a nourishing conditioner and let it absorb. Rinse again with cold water.

5. Air dry

Lay out your extensions out on a towel. It’s best not to blow dry the extensions, to prevent frizz and damage. All you need now is some patience for that beautiful and fresh result. Et voila! After a few hours of drying you’ll have your gorgeous ashblonde locks! Cool right? 😉

Color sample and advice

Are you eyeing a blonde set of extensions but do you want to know if it matches your hair first, and/or do you want to test out how it reacts to purple shampoo? Order a sample. If you have any other questions about your hair color or toning, reach out! We’d love to help you find your perfect color match.

Yes, you’ve found the perfect 100% human hair clip-in extensions, worn them a few times and maybe even styled them. Amazing! But then… after a while, just like your own hair, the extensions long for a nourishing wash. Which shampoo and conditioner are best to use for extensions? Of course, we all have our favorites, but we’d love to help you along with some of our favs! ☺️

Do not wash your extensions too often

We advise you not to wash your extensions too often. Zascha hair extensions are naturally a dark color (Indian Hair). In the factory they go through an intensive process to give them the right color and structure. That’s why your clip-ins require some extra love and attention, so taking good care of them is crucial. Only wash your extensions when you really need to, if you want them to last as long as possible. A guideline for this is to wash them after every 15 to 20 wears. If you use a lot of products in your extensions, like hairspray, it’s probably necessary to wash them a little more often. You’ll get the best results if you use a shampoo, conditioner, mask and/or serum from the same line. Your (clip-in) extensions are quite the expense, so we hope that you’ll be able to get the most out of your purchase and enjoy them as long as possible.

Which shampoo do we recommend?

We, the Zascha Hair girls, are very enthusiastic about the Alterna Moisture line. That’s the reason why – out of all brand lines and products – we’ve added these to our collection. The Alterna Moisture line is very suitable for your extensions, but also for your own hair. Every wash, this shampoo and conditioner give your extensions a big hydration boost, which helps them to maintain their shine and vitality without weighing down the hair. The products are available in full-size (250ml) and in minis (40ml) to try them out.

  • Alterna Caviar Moisture Conditioner
    Alterna Caviar Moisture Conditioner
  • Alterna Caviar Moisture Shampoo
    Alterna Caviar Moisture Shampoo

Step by step

Now that we’ve introduced you to our favorites, it’s SHOWTIME! Take your time, put on some singalongs and go for it!

  • Wet the hair weft by weft with (luke)warm water.
  • Apply a small amount of shampoo in your hand. This can be as desired, but we recommend not to use too much shampoo, because everything you apply has to be rinsed out again.
  • Take a weft in your hand and from the top, carefully start making rotating movements on the hair with your thumbs. Lather and work your way down. Don’t rinse the weft just yet, but put it aside.
  • Take the next weft and repeat this step until you have gone through all wefts.
  • Now carefully start rinsing the wefts piece by piece until you no longer see any foam.
  • Grab your conditioner and apply it in the same way. Except, you don’t start at the roots of the wefts, but in the middle of the hair, and work your way towards the ends.
  • Let the conditioner sit for about 5 minutes. That way, the hair receives the optimal care.
  • Rinse the conditioner weft by weft with (luke)warm water.
  • Pat your hair dry, avoid rubbing heavily. This will tangle the hair and cause frizz.
  • Make the hair tangle-free by gently brushing through with a wide-tooth comb. Always start at the ends and slowly work your way up.

*What is the best way to dry my clip-in extensions?

It’s extremely important to let the hair air-dry. This prevents frizz and dehydration. When you’ve finished rinsing the hair, you can pat it dry with a towel or squeeze out the excess water. It’s important to avoid friction by rubbing heavily. This will damage the hair. You can hang them on a hanger made for pants or lay them on your heater with a soft towel underneath.

Store, Protect & Travel

Neatly storing your hair is just as important as the proper care. This is why we’ve designed the Velvet Storage Bag. The Velvet Bag is made of a luxury velvet fabric, decorated with golden details. The hanger is made of wood with a soft strip on the inside, to protect your extensions. The luxury travel bag that makes life easier. Travel and store in STYLE!✨

Do you want the cherry on top, haircare wise? Then definitely start using the Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Masque. It’s most important ingredient is Caviar Extract. This is a rich source of Omega 3 acids and improves the moisture balance, shine and resilience of the hair. Are you using the mask in your own hair? Then once a week is sufficient. Are you using the mask for the extensions? Then you can use them when you’ve had your extensions for a longer period of time and when they’re getting a little dry in the ends.

  • Apply a small amount onto damp hair after washing.
  • Make sure there’s no excess water in the hair.
  • Let sit for 5 minutes (or longer!) and rinse thoroughly.

Apply this in the middle of the hair and work your way down to the ends. Let the hair soak up the mask for a bit before rinsing it out with lukewarm water. If you apply this product too close to the roots, it can weigh the hair down which makes styling harder.

Speaking of Styling:

Before you dive in with your straightener or curling iron, we recommend applying some Dry Oil Mist in the ends of the hair. The special thing about this product? The Dry Oil Mist is a treatment AND heat protectant in one! This delays the dehydration process in the ends, so you can enjoy your luscious locks even longer. The Dry Oil Mist is 147ml excl. packaging.

The Dry Oil Mist is free of parabens and sulfates, and protects up to 230 degrees. When used in the ends only, it won’t weigh the hair down. What are you waiting for!

Alterna Caviar ANTI-FRIZZ Dry Oil Mist

Our extensions are ‘Natural Straight’, which means that the hair is straight upon delivery but might become slightly wavy after washing. All our extensions are made of 100% real human hair and therefore you can curl and straighten them with curling irons or carmen sets. There are a thousand and one ways to curl and straighten your set. We’ve explained the most used way in this blog:


Hopefully, we’ve been able to educate you a little on the world of haircare products. We are very enthusiastic about the above mentioned products. If you prefer to use other products, please make sure to use a nourishing shampoo. We definitely recommend using shampoos  with ingredients such as Argan oil! Do you use a shampoo with keratine for your own hair? Avoid using this for your extensions. We’ve learned from experience that our extensions don’t react well to this.

Run into anything unexpectedly? You can al-ways reach out for help! Please send us an email via Of course you can also reach us via Facebook or whatsapp on 085-2250281. We’d love to help!

December is upon us again and you know what that means, party!!! Of course we have Christmas and all the parties, around New Years Eve. We assume you have been shopping for sparkles like crazy. But… what to do with your hair? At least as important!

So that calls for at least 3, no, 4 (25 and 26 December) hairstyles! And of course Zascha has taken that into account. Especially for you we have created 4 festive hairstyles. Look and learn!

“So pour yourself a hot chocolate with whipped cream (and marshmallows) and get inspired!”

Difficult? Nah! But just to be sure, we’ve also record some “how to” tutorials for you. So pour yourself a hot chocolate with whipped cream (and marshmallows) and get inspired!

1. The Crownbraid

Party hairstyle #1 is the beautiful Crown braid by Sabrina Dijkman. Have you been binge-watching Reign, The Crown & Victoria like crazy and absolutely loving all those regal updo’s that keep passing on your screen? Then this is the hairstyle for you! Easy, fast and very very royal!

For this hairstyle you need 4 small rubber bands (preferably in your own hair color) and a lot of bobby pins. Make sure you have a big can of hairspray! Tip: Finish off your crown braid with a statement tiara and we guarantee all eyes will be on you all evening!

“Easy, quick and very véry royal!”

Not very good with braiding? Then ask your sister, friend or mother if they would like to give you a hand. To make it super easy for you, we recorded a “How to” video of this hairstyle just for you. Good luck!

🎥 Watch the video tutorial here!

2. Boho braids

These boho braids are always a winner. During a festival, in combination with some beautiful boho jewelry. Or in everyday life, during an intense workout session for example, where you want your hair out of your face but really want to impress that one hunk who effortlessly pushes away 100kg. Or, during a fancy party. Christmas for example, or New Year’s Eve! This hairstyle in combination with some highlighter and a set of beautiful earrings is a real statement hairstyle. You will leave a smashing impression without a doubt!

Very useful: small rubber bands in your own hair colour. Also make sure you have your curling iron so you can curl your face framing pieces!

“This hairstyle, when paired with some highlighter and a set of gorgeous earrings, is a real statement hairstyle.”

This hairstyle is perfect for wearing your most beautiful earrings with. Don’t you have any fun earrings? You can shop a nice set that you can’t go wrong with at Zara (Statement earrings Zara €12,95).

🎥 Watch the video tutorial here!

3. Gatsby glam

A beautiful wave, sparkling hair jewelry and volume. A lot of volume! This hairstyle looks great with your glitter dress. Even better with a bare shoulder! For this hairstyle you need a curling iron, a brush, volume powder and some pretty hairpins! Zara and H&M usually have some very nice sets!

What you need to do: Wash your hair the night before so it’s nice and clean and add some volume mousse on towel dry hair. Let it soak in overnight. The morning after, comb it through and start curling.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Clip In Hair 50cm (20") / 160g
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Clip In Hair 50cm (20″) / 160g
    $207,04 incl. btw
  • Max Pro Twist 32mm Curler
    Max Pro Twist 32mm Curler
    Product on sale
    $81,69 incl. btw

“Once you’ve curled all your hair, let your curls cool down for a while (start your makeup in the meantime).”

Then wrap big strands of hair around the barrel and hold for 10 seconds. After removing the barrel, don’t let the curl drop immediately but hold it in your hand for another 10 seconds. Once you’ve curled all your hair, let your curls cool down for a while (start your makeup in the meantime).

After 15 to 20 minutes, gently comb through the curls with a wide-toothed brush. Now create a parting above your right or left eye, depending on which way you want your quiff to fall, and then pick up your volume powder. Now gently take the top layer of your quiff, and add some volume powder at your roots. Drop your quiff and style. Slide the other side of your hair behind your ear and secure it with your dainty hairpins. The more the merrier! A little hairspray to keep everything in place and you’re good to go!

4. The Glam Braid

When you are a little clumsy, (like us) you might prefer to have your hair out of your face during all those fancy dinners. Then this glam braid is the solution for you! Super easy and super stylish! For this braid, use our clip-in braid, available in 2 lengths and several very blendable colors.

Because the glam braid is a little tricky to explain (don’t worry, absolutely not tricky to make) we made a “how to” video especially for you. If you have any questions after watching the video, about the haircut or about the products that are used, please feel free to contact us.

🎥 Watch the video tutorial here!

“Your best friend for this masterpiece is a good hairspray.”

For this glam braid, our new “Clip in braid” is a must have! Your best friend for this masterpiece is a good hairspray. Our favorite: the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin hairspray. When your braid is done you can style it with some pretty hairpins.

Cheers to your never ending good hair days ✨

In love, engaged, nearly married

Getting married. Maybe you’ve been dreaming about it your whole life…maybe you never expected it to happen. But BAM, suddenly the love of your life was on his/her knee. OR maybe you’re the modern-day hero and you went down on one knee yourself! Nevertheless: you’ve finally found the love of your life and soon your big day will be here <3

“You’ve finally found the love of your life and soon your big day will be here!

Very exciting of course, but with finding your life partner, the search is not over yet. The real search starts now! A location, a cake, a dress…

How do I want my hair!?

And then all those questions start popping up that a wedding evokes. The answer to one question you already know, which will be a resounding YES of course! But the answers to all the other questions…? What will you wear? How do I want my make-up? Is my mother-in-law welcome too? 😆 And not to forget: How do I want my hair!? Luckily, Pinterest is there for our uninspired moments. A blessing, but also a curse. Because how are you going to choose between all those beautiful hairstyles!?

“All those beautiful hairstyles. How do I choose the right hairstyle for my wedding?”

PS. All the single ladies (now put your hands up!) or not -yet- engaged women can also dream away and enjoy this blog to get inspired!

The bridal hairstyle of your dreams

Choosing the perfect bridal hairstyle can cause a lot of tension, especially if you feel a little insecure sometimes. Something you don’t want to deal with at all in this soon-to-be-wed phase of your life. And certainly not on your most beautiful day. That’s why we, as women amongst each other -and as hopeless romantics- would love to help you with that specific issue.

All you need is love… and Zascha hair

And you know the best part? By now we have quite some experience with brides and bridal hairstyles. Before you lose courage and you think: That’s very nice all those long, full hairstyles, but I can’t do that with my hair.” OH YES dear, you most certainly can! You just need Zascha clip-in extensions! Our clip-ins are made of real human hair and come in a variety of colors so they will always blend with your own hair perfectly. These high quality and affordable clip-ins will make you feel extra special and radiant on your big day!

“You’re probably thinking: that’s nice, all those long full hairstyles, but I really can’t do that with my hair! You CAN with clip-in extensions!”

Your hairstylist will make sure your hair is to die for

Here’s a tip from us: a good hairstylist can take away the worries you might have about your bridal hairstyle. Find someone with experience or who is at least open to experimenting with extensions beforehand. Bridal hairstyles are an art in itself and with clip-in extensions there are so many (more) beautiful options. This way you can be sure that he/she can create your dream hairstyle with extensions! So pick your favorites and get busy. Try out a few test hairstyles so you can choose the one you want!

Tips for achieving your perfect bridal hairstyle:

♥ Get inspired and choose a style that suits you
♥ Find a good hairstylist who is experienced in  using and blending hair extensions into bridal hairstyles and with whom you have a good connection
♥ Try out a few bridal hairstyles!


12x bridal hairstyles with extensions

To get you started and inspired, we’ve listed various absolutely gorgeous hairstyles in this blog, like this elegant updo: 12x bridal hairstyles with extensions for your wedding. In all of these hairstyles a hair extension set from Zascha Hair was used. Which bridal hairstyle will you choose? ❤

“Picked out your wedding hairstyle? Ordered your extensions? And found your hairstylist? Bring on the big day. Cheers & enjoy!”

Festival hair that lasts all day!

We will appreciate festivals more than ever, and we’ll go crazy if we get the chance to visit them again. Reason enough to go for the full glam look! And while we have ALL the time to think about looks, we’d love to help you with that!

A top look requires a lot of time and effort: What should you wear, what is the weather like, how do you do your hair, and how for god’s sake will it stay in place all day? Unfortunately we can’t do much about the weather, and you will have to pick your own clothes. But, of course we can help you with your hair! In fact, we recently started using our own tools, tips and tricks to make sure your hair stays in place.

First of all, we’d like to take a look with you to see which set of extensions will be suitable for you. Which one meets your needs and expectations and suits you best. Hair extensions are a expensive purchase, and that is the exact reason why we would like to help you as good a s we can. So feel free to send us a message if you need help.

Hair extensions are a expensive purchase, and that is the exact reason why we would like to help you as good a s we can.

Would you rather find out for yourself first? Take a look at our blog “Help, Which set of clip-in extensions should I choose?”. There is also a possibility to order colour samples so you can see the colour in real life. The page “Tips for finding your perfect Zascha color match.” is also very helpful! Here are 3 must-haves for a festival hairdo!

Tip: At Coachella and on social media you always see everyone parading around with beautiful full beach waves, but to be honest, at a real (good) party it is nothing like that. Think beer showers and dixi visits! That’s why it might be more convenient to put your hair up halfway!

Okay, you’re ready!

If all goes well we were able to help you out, and you got your set in time for your party. Because we know; “Life is a party, but you have to hang the garlands yourself.” Or in this case, “hang in there”! Good preparation is half the battle, especially if you’re going to a festival / party, we recommend the roots of your hair to tease, and a small pinch of volume powder to apply. This ensures that the clips have a good grip, and do not slide so easily. It is best to do this weft by weft.

“Life is a party, but you have to hang the garlands yourself.” Or in this case, “hang in there”!

But how?!

Again, a good start is half the battle. It is important that when you are going to do your hair your hair is dry. Besides volume powder, you can also opt for a volume mouse. A tip from the profs is to apply volume mousse after washing and blow dry thoroughly. This makes your hair a little stiffer so that curls and updos stay in place better.

“By lightly combing out the curl with a soft brush you can make it just a little bit cooler!”

The smaller the curl, the longer it will last. With our various large Max Pro Curling irons you can create endless hairstyles. We always recommend not to set the curling iron hotter than 180 degrees, and always use a heatprotector. Both for your own hair, and for your extensions. Tip: By combing out the curl lightly with a soft brush you can make it just that little bit more cool! Below 3 killer festival looks that you must try!

1. Extensions curls

Before you put the curling iron into your hair, it is a good idea to spray the tuft with hairspray and then secure it with a bobby pin. You can read more tips on this in our blog.

2. fishbone braid

Would you rather put your hair up or braid it in? It may take some practice, but how cool is this blog about the fishbone braid! Compliments 100% guranteed!

3. Casual braid

Do you prefer the casual boho look? We have a whole blog dedicated to that too! By the way, we’d love to see your creations pass by. So don’t forget to tag us!


When you’re recuperating while your advil is still dissolving in your bloody mary, you’re obviously not waiting for obligations or aftercare. If you have good products, this is not necessary at all. Wash the set (after approximately 12x wear or 1 festival) with Alterna Cavier Moisture Shampoo, and rinse with Alterna Cavier Moisture Conditioner. The set is extra grateful if you let the conditioner soak in for 5 to 10 minutes.

Did you make a big deal out of it? Then some extra care is never wrong. Take that nice break and put your set and your hair in the Alterna Bond Repair Mask. Leave this mask on for 10 minutes, then gently rinse the wefts, and pat towel dry. You will see that they shine again like never before!

Effortless full braid with Zascha clip-in extensions

Do you usually wear your hair with clip-in extensions loose? And do you want to wear it differently? Every two weeks? We give you inspiration and tips for a beautiful braid or knot. We’ll start with the most common and simplest, which is a casual basic 3 strand braid. We love this one!

  1. Brush through your hair thoroughly and make sure your hair is frizz free. Do this by pre-treating your hair with a straightener or curling iron.
  2. Divide the clip-in extensions in your hair (see: Clip-in Guide) Important! When braiding your hair, it is important that the clip-in extensions are not too close to your hairline (contour). Make sure you have enough of your own hair to cover the extension clips.

Important! When braiding your hair, it is important that the clip-in extensions are not too close to your hairline (contour). Make sure you have enough of your own hair to cover the extension clips.

  1. This braid starts at your neck. You can plait the braid straight back or at an angle to the side. Especially the last one we are fans of! Divide your hair (at your neck) into three even strands.
  1. Since you’re wearing clip-in extensions, don’t pull your braid too tight.
  2. Take with your right hand the right strand and with your left hand the left strand. Keep your thumb on the middle strand. Start with the right strand and skip it over the middle one. Keep your thumb firmly on the middle strand. Then you skip the left strand over the middle strand. Then take the right strand over the middle one again and continue braiding until you reach the end of the hair. Leave about 4 to 5 cm of hair unbraided.

This is a basic technique that is used for different types of braids.

  1. At the end of the braid you can secure the hair with a hair elastic (do not use rubber elastic by the way, it is bad for your hair!).
  1. To make your braid with Zascha hair extensions look nonchalant, you can pull slightly on the braided strands. This will make your braid a little looser, chunkier and more beautiful. Do this to each braided piece so that it loosens slightly evenly.
  2. Voilà! You’ve created the perfect braid! Fix your full braid with hairspray.

Good luck ladies!

Did you know that Zascha clip-in extensions are made from real hair? ( Check out the origin of our hair here!) This makes the extensions blend in very well with your own hair.

Do you usually wear your hair down when wearing clip-in extensions? And would you like to switch it up sometimes? We love to give you inspiration and tips for beautiful braids and buns. This time: the easy but oooohh so beautiful fishtail braid!

  • If you want a slightly tighter fishtail: Brush your hair well and make sure your hair is free of frizz. Using a straightener or curling iron will help with this. If you want an effortless fishtail: comb your hair with your hands.
  • Distribute the clip-in extensions in your hair. See our clip-in guide

Important! When braiding your hair, it is important that the clip-in extensions are not placed too closely to your hairline. Make sure that enough of your own hair covers the extension clips.

  • This braid starts at your neck. Divide your hair into two even strands.
  • Be mindful of your clip-in extensions and don’t pull too tightly at the start of your braid. If you want a messy fishtail hold the braid in a looser grip.
  • Take a strand in each hand. From the right strand, take a small piece of hair from the side and turn it over to the left side. Add the thin strand to the left strand. From the left strand, take a small strand from the side and add it to the right strand. Repeat these steps until you reach the end of the hair.
  • At the end of the braid you can secure the hair with a hair elastic.
  • To make your braid look messy, occasionally pull some loose, fine whispies out of your braid with Zascha hair extensions.
  • Set your elegant or messy fishtail braid with hairspray.

Do you have any fun photos of your fishtail braid? Share them with us!

An absolutely gorgeous bridal hairstyle for the big day

Are you getting married soon (yay!)? Or do you just want to look for some inspiration and see what’s possible in the world of bridal hairstyling (also fun!)? We have listed no less than 12 different bridal hairstyles in various colors for you. Even if you have thin and/or short hair, these beautiful creations can be done with your hair! In all of these hairstyles a set of clip-in extensions from Zascha Hair is used. The affordable and high quality 100% human hair extensions that will make you feel extra special on your big day! From elegant updo to boho braid and from minimalist to majestic: which dream hairstyle will you choose?

How can I get such a beautiful hairstyle with clip in extensions?

Wondering how, for goodness sake, to get such a beautiful hairstyle on your wedding day? Check out our blog on how to choose and create your perfect bridal hairstyle with clip-in extensions.

Hair Stylist Nicole Drege

Minimalistic dreamer

Hair wizard Nicole Drege used the Dark Blonde Mix for this look. Specifically for the ladies who have many different shades of blonde in their hair. Do you have dark blonde hair and would you like more depth, without dyeing it? Then this set is certainly the perfect solution! Due to the many different shades it will blend with your own hair and add a highlight effect.

  • Dark Blonde Mix Clip In Hair 40cm (16") / 120g
    Dark Blonde Mix Clip In Hair 40cm (16″) / 120g
    $141,64 incl. btw

Elegant updo

The Melted Blonde Classic blends beautifully with the high- and lowlights of the model’s hair. This updo is elegant and timeless. We believe that it’s a bridal hairstyle suitable for every woman.

  • Melted Blonde Clip In Hair 40cm (16") / 120g
    Melted Blonde Clip In Hair 40cm (16″) / 120g
    $152,54 incl. btw

Pretty Pastel

Nicole Drege makes the most of the Silver Grey by pairing it with a blush pink hairpiece from Say Yes to the Dress. This color also looks amazing when used in an updo!

  • Silver Grey Clip In Hair 40cm (16") / 120g
    Silver Grey Clip In Hair 40cm (16″) / 120g
    $141,64 incl. btw
  • Silver Grey Clip In Hair 50cm (20") / 160g
    Silver Grey Clip In Hair 50cm (20″) / 160g
    $207,04 incl. btw

Hair Stylist: Sabrina Dijkman

Classic with an edge

Braid babe Sabrina Dijkman combines loose waves and an effortless braid in the Chocolate Chip Cookie. Finished off with a hair accessory from Say Yes to the Dress. This color also has high- and lowlights so it blends perfectly with many hair colors.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Clip In Hair 40cm (16") / 120g
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Clip In Hair 40cm (16″) / 120g
    $141,64 incl. btw

Princess Sissi with a modern twist

Elegant like Princess Sissi, but with a modern twist. The Chocolate Brown is used here for a never-ending braid. You can make it your own by adding your own twist. This deep color is not a mix, but has a natural warm glow and is often a perfect match for ladies with dyed brown hair.

  • Chocolate Brown Clip In Hair 50cm (20") / 160g
    Chocolate Brown Clip In Hair 50cm (20″) / 160g
    $196,14 incl. btw

Hair Stylist: Bride & Beauty Netherlands

Hollywood Vintage

Bride and Beauty Netherlands created a beautiful vintage hairstyle. Specifically for all Classy Brides. She used the Latte Highlights to create this look. And what is a vintage look without pearls from

  • Latte Highlights Clip In Hair 40cm (16") / 120g
    Latte Highlights Clip In Hair 40cm (16″) / 120g
    $141,64 incl. btw

The Knot-Knot

In this bridal updo the Medium Brown is used to create a nice full bridal bun. Bride and Beauty Netherlands gives an extra elegant twist to the hairstyle by finishing it off with a hair accessory. Because you can never have enough shimmer and shine! Especially on your big day.

  • Medium Brown Clip In Hair 40cm (16") / 120g
    Medium Brown Clip In Hair 40cm (16″) / 120g
    $130,74 incl. btw

Mistic Majestic by Tresjolie

Espresso Brown

If your hair color resembles the intense color of espresso then it doesn’t need much to shine. When you add a little glamour with the Espresso Brown as TresJolie has done, you’ll be looking majestic all day. With this volume you will definitely deserve the title Royal Highness!

  • Espresso Brown Clip In Hair 40cm (16") / 120g
    Espresso Brown Clip In Hair 40cm (16″) / 120g
    $130,74 incl. btw

Dark Blonde

Thanks to TresJolie we have the luxury to show a version of The Mistic Majestic with a Dark Blonde set too. It couldn’t be more royal!

  • Dark Blonde Mix Clip In Hair 50cm (20") / 160g
    Dark Blonde Mix Clip In Hair 50cm (20″) / 160g
    $207,04 incl. btw

Boho Braid By The Updo Girl

Another lady who braids for her life is The Updo Girl. In this hairstyle, she used the Latte Highlights Clip-in Braid. This is one weft of 3cm (1″) wide. But don’t underestimate this baby, because it helps in creating the most beautiful braids!

  • Latte Highlights Clip-in Braid 60cm (24")
    Latte Highlights Clip-in Braid 60cm (24″)
    $108,94 incl. btw

Meet Marlieke and her Basic Boho Bride

Multi-talented Marlieke (owner Zascha Hair) combined this half updo with a loose curl. These curls were created with a 25mm (1″) curling iron. A fairly simple hairstyle with clear style. With the mix color Melted Blonde, the high and lowlights stand out beautifully and create a hairstyle with lots of depth and definition.

“From elegant updo to boho braid and minimalist to majestic, which dream hairstyle will you choose?”

How will I get my bridal hair styled?

The questions “how will I choose a bridal hairstyle and how will I get it styled!‘ will probably pop into your head when looking at all these beautiful bridal hairstyles. It’s not that complicated, but you (or your stylist!) will have to know how to achieve the desired look of course. In the blog about your perfect bridal hairstyle with clip-in extensions you will find our tips on how to create your dream hairstyle without worries. Good luck!


A full braid with the clip-in braid

Are you secretly jealous of women with long hair and volume with the most beautiful braids (sigh…)? Have you tried to recreate these braids with the two small wefts in your set but still no success? Then we have THE solution for you! Exclusively at Zascha we sell Clip-in braids! Dream and scroll on, because this blog is filled with information, tips and tutorials!

Real and natural straight hair with full ends

Tell Me More

This clip-in braid is, just like all our clip-ins, made of 100% Indian Human Hair. The clip-in braid is a narrow, full clip that you easily clip into your hair for braiding.

The braid has an extra double drawn quality, which means that there are almost no shorter hairs incorporated into it. This gives the weft beautiful full ends which helps in creating a beautiful full braid from roots to ends. The hair structure is natural straight which means it might get a slight wave after washing.

The clip-in braid allows you to create more thickness and volume in a braid! Whaaat!? Yeah, we’ll make your biggest hair wish come true. Want to order right away? We get it. Or continue reading this blog for more info and inspiration!

The source of our inspiration: Sabrina Dijkman

By now you’re probably curious as to what you can do with the Clip-in Braid exactly. Of course we are going to tell you all about it. But first, we want to give you some inspiration from Braid Babe: Sabrina Dijkman! These 3 hairstyles were created during our Zascha hair photoshoot. They look tricky, but with a little practice you’ll go a long way! Wondering how to make the braids? Take a look at Sabrina’s Instagram channel! You will find the most beautiful hairstyles, for every occasion and every kind of hair. Thank us later haha.

Braids in 2 lengths and 5 colors

Of course we have the perfect braid to suit your needs and hair. The clip-in braids are 3 cm (1″) wide and have a length of 50 cm (20″) or 60 cm (24″). The weft is usually placed at the front of the head and braided into your own hair, making the hair a little shorter than the actual hair length. Do you want a very long braid? Go for the 60cm (24″) braid. Do you prefer a shorter length? The 50cm (20″) will make your wishes come true.

“The clip-in braids are 3 cm (1″) wide and have a length of 50 cm (20″) or 60 cm (24″).”

Both lengths are available in five different colors: Espresso, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Dark Blonde mix, Latte Highlights and Melted Blonde. The 60cm (24″) is also available in Jet Black. Not quite sure about the right color? You can order a color sample here.

Clip in braid 50cm (20″)

  • Espresso Brown Clip-in Braid 50cm (20")
    Espresso Brown Clip-in Braid 50cm (20″)
    $87,14 incl. btw
  • Dark Blonde Mix Clip-in Braid 50cm (20")
    Dark Blonde Mix Clip-in Braid 50cm (20″)
    $87,14 incl. btw
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Clip-in Braid 50cm (20")
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Clip-in Braid 50cm (20″)
    $87,14 incl. btw
  • Latte Highlights Clip-in Braid 50cm (20")
    Latte Highlights Clip-in Braid 50cm (20″)
    $87,14 incl. btw
  • Melted Blonde Clip-in Braid 50cm (20")
    Melted Blonde Clip-in Braid 50cm (20″)
    $87,14 incl. btw

Clip in braid 60cm (24″)

  • Espresso Brown Clip-in Braid 60cm (24")
    Espresso Brown Clip-in Braid 60cm (24″)
    $108,94 incl. btw
  • Dark Blonde Mix Clip-in Braid 60cm (24")
    Dark Blonde Mix Clip-in Braid 60cm (24″)
    $108,94 incl. btw
  • Latte Highlights Clip-in Braid 60cm (24")
    Latte Highlights Clip-in Braid 60cm (24″)
    $108,94 incl. btw
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Clip-in Braid 60cm (24")
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Clip-in Braid 60cm (24″)
    $108,94 incl. btw

“A girl without braids is like a city without bridges.”

– Roman Payne, The Wanderess

Why clip-in braids?

♥ More thickness and volume in a braid

♥ 100% human hair

♥ Extra double drawn quality & natural straight

♥ Choice between 50cm (20″) or 60cm (24″) and 5 colors

♥ Super easy to place

♥ Good price


How do you place the clip-in braid?

The clip-in is super easy to place:

Inspiration & tutorials

We can daydream endlessly, thinking about the most beautiful braids. Don’t feel like wearing your hair down or in a ponytail? With an effortless braid or fishtail braid you too can become a real braid babe. And for Christmas and New Year’s Eve we have How to: (party) day glam!!

Want to know more?

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Hello you, nice to see you again!

Big hair is never out of fashion! This is something that Lily Collins, Adele and ofcourse Ariana Grande (and many many many more) proof. They bring back the BIG ponytail from the 60’s without any effort. This look is a little bit difficult to make with your clip in set, or volumizer. Cause, how do you make sure that you wont see any clips with this hairdo, and how do you get that full glam ponytail? Sit back and relax, cause in this blog we explain everything you need to know about the ponytail step by step:).

What is a ponytail?

The Zascha Hair ponytail is a full 100 gram tail and is 50cm long. On this tail is a slider with coarse legs. This ensures that the ponytail can’t move anywhere and stays in its place. The ponytail also has a loose strip of hair as a finishing touch. This sounds a bit harsh when read like this, but of course we will tell you further on in the blog what you can do with this. The ponytail is suitable for all hair types. However, there are some differences in terms of attestment. This is also something that you will read further on in the blog😊

Hair/ make up: Sandra Bierens
Model: Chantal van Dalen
Color: Espresso Brown

What is the Ponytail made of?

Like our clip in extensions, the ponytail is made from 100% human hair and is double drawn. This means that the tail is full from root to tip. Because the ponytail is made of 100% human hair you can consider it as your own hair. You can style it, curl it, wash it, and even dye it darker. We strongly advise not to dye the hair lighter because of the dyeing process the hair has already had. The roots of the ponytail is finished with high quality lace, and an iron slide with coarse teeth for lots of hold in your own hair without damaging it. The top edge of the ponytail is finished with velcro. Super convenient, so you can adjust the tail to different thicknesses of hair! We also use multi-tone colouring, which ensures a nice match with your own hair colour, even if it differs slightly from the extensions.

On the picture you see the Melted Blonde Ponytail.

How to use?

Here we go. You’re all set, you’ve styled the ponytail to your desire, and you’re ready to use it. What do you need: A Zascha Hair ponytail (dáh) some sliders and rubber bands, preferably not plastic, and the product that gives you strength in your hair. Have no idea what product to use for this? Here is the tip of the day!

Using it is relatively simple, just like the clip ins, you just need to get the hang of it. Whatever hair type you have, it is important that you make sure you have a good firm tail of yourself. You can get this in different ways:

1 You can apply foam in your hair and blow dry it well.
2 You can tease the roots of your hair.
3 You can use volume powder.
4 You can use multiple rubber bands (no more than 3)

It all depends on how you feel about your hair type. After this you can style your tail as you like so it will fit nicely into the structure of your ponytail. When you are completely satisfied with your tail and its strength, you can start attaching the ponytail.

For the visually inclined ladies, Sabrina Dijkman shows you how to use the ponytail in the video below. Sab has chosen to curl the ponytail after she has put it in, this is of course also possible! Sabrina uses the Melted Blondein the video

Step 1 Unfold the ponytail, and slide the teeth of the pin between your scalp and the elastic. Make sure the teeth are all the way in.
Step 2 Next, form the Velcro tightly around your tail.
Step 3 Wrap the loose end around your tail. This loose tuft can be well fixed by one or two slides that you can push / slide under the tail.
Step 4 All you have to do now is check if everything is to your liking and finish off with some hairspray if necessary.

Full/much hair

Do you have a lot of thick hair or would you like to make a high ponytail? Then you can make two tails underneath each other and put the ponytail on the top tail. This will prevent your own hair from coming through the ponytail and will disguise the thickness of your own hair. This is useful when the ponytail is used mainly as an extension!
Curious how this looks? See it in our IGTV!

Muah: Sandra Bierens

Taking care of

Because the ponytails are of the same quality as our clip ins, we also recommend the same way of caring for them. This blog contains many tips, tricks and an extensive explanation.

Help with choice

Hopefully we have been able to get you excited and you are eager to order a ponytail. Important when choosing the right color is that the ponytail matches the point where you want to put it. If you want to wear it mostly high up, you should look at the colour of the roots of your hair.

Can’t get enough of all the inspiration and tutorials, and want to see how the ponytail is used? In this video, Karin from Beauty by Francis shows you how!

Of course you can al-ways ask us for help when you are not quite sure. Feel free to send a chat message, or an email to Of course you can also contact us through Facebook or send us a whatsapp at 085-2250281.

Every day we look for the connection with you, our customer, to provide you with the best possible service. Everything to make sure you wear your extensions with a smile from ear to ear.