The Zascha Hair Clip-in Bun

We have another very exciting exclusive product! The Zascha Hair Clip in Bun! But don’t be misled by its name, because there’s something else this bun is very suitable for. Keep reading and find out!

A full bun in no time.

The Zascha Hair clip-in Bun consists of 100% human hair, 3 bobby pins, a drawcord, and lace. These are all the ingredients you need to make a beautiful, full, but above all, firm bun. The bun is well suited for thin and/or short hair. Your own hair should be long enough to create a good ponytail or bun. If you have previously purchased Zascha Hair extensions, you will notice that the hair on the bun feels a little stiffer. There’s no need to worry, we have pre-treated the hair to make sure your bun is always prepped and ready to be styled. We also provide 3 sturdy bobby pins with the bun for free, which you can use to create a bun to your liking.

How do I place the bun?

Just like with the other extensions, it is important that you have enough grip at the roots of your hair.

  1. Before making a bun with your own hair at the desired spot, apply some volumizing powder or dry shampoo at the roots of your hair.
  2. Next, make a firm bun of your own hair or a ponytail if your hair isn’t long enough. It’s best to use 2 elastics for extra firmness.
  3. Slide the first pin of the bun in your hair between the elastic and your scalp. If you have thicker hair, you can also slide in the other pins.
  4. Pull the cord tightly, and if necessary, slide in the other pins.
  5. Style or curl the bun as desired and secure it with bobby pins OR leave the hair down and wear it as a full ponytail (BONUS!!)
  6. Style the rest of your hair as desired, spray some hairspray and girl… you are ready to rumble!

Taking care of the clip-in Bun.

Because the hair of the Clip-in Bun is 100% human hair, you can consider it as your own hair. The more you wash and style it, the more the quality will decrease. Therefore, it is important to take good care of the bun. We recommend using a heat protector before styling and curling. We are huge fans of the Dry Oil Mist. This is a heat protector and a hair care product in one. Do not use too much, as the hair may become too silky, making it difficult to style. Are you curious about how to best wash the bun? Read more about it in our wash blog!

Choose your color

We carry the bun in all the colors from our assortment, including mixed colors. This is very convenient because it allows the bun to blend quickly and seamlessly with your own hair. When choosing the right color, it’s important to ensure that the bun matches the placement you have in mind. If you plan to wear it high, it’s best to look at the color of your roots. If you’re not sure which color is the perfect match for you, you can always ask for our help. Feel free to send a chat message or an email to You can also contact us via Facebook or send us a WhatsApp message at 085-2250281. We love to help!

Exclusively at Zascha Hair: the V-part!

It may not be very classy to admit, but we at Zascha love it easy. We’re always looking for products that are easy to use so that they’re accessible to as many people as possible. But easy also has to be good. That’s why we’re extremely excited about this product. The Zascha Hair V-part. In this blog, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the V-part, including how to use it, how to take care of it, and how to choose the right color.

Good To Know: We want to help you as best as we can, and we understand that buying a hairpiece can be a hurdle. That’s why it’s good to know that as long as the tag is still attached to the V-part and it’s in new condition, you can return it to us if it’s not entirely to your liking. We will then refund your full purchase amount.

What is a V-part and what is it made of?

This hairpiece in the shape of a ‘V’ is easy to place and adds volume in the crown area. The V-part is made of 100% human hair, is double drawn, and perfect if you have fine/thin hair. From crown to ends, the V-part is 50cm (20″) long, but because you place it on your crown, it can be compared to a 40cm (16″) set. It reaches just over your chest and weighs 100g. The base of the V-part is hand-knotted, creating a very natural-looking part and virtually invisible when properly placed. The hair is tied onto high-quality lace, ensuring that the V-part is comfortable and doesn’t itch. Are you ready to V-AVAVOOM??

Placing the V-part

The V-part has a total of 4 clips, making it the product with the fewest clips (as you can see in the photo above), except for the weaves of course, which have no clips at all.

But how do you properly place a V-part?

Everything you need to get started: 1 rat-tail comb, volume powder or dry shampoo. Use the comb to create a ‘V’. Backcomb the roots of the ‘V’, then apply volume powder or dry shampoo for extra hold. Now you can clip in the V-part ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you often wear a side part? Then you can also wear the V-part, but place it further back on your head.

In this video, Marlieke shows how to properly place and use the V-part. Spoiler alert: by combining it with a 40cm volumizer, she doesn’t only achieve volume, but also extra length! Now you may be wondering, what is a volumizer? This is a single weft that adds more volume to your hair. We have it in 3 lengths: the 40cm (16″), which reaches just above your chest. The 50cm (20″), which approximately reaches your lower rib. And the 60cm (24″), which approximately reaches your tailbone. For the most beautiful and natural result, we recommend using the 40cm (16″) or 50cm (20″) volumizer in combination with a V-part. If you already have a set of your own, you can also use some wefts from this set to create a nice blend.

In the photo on the left, the Latte Highlights V-part is combined with 2 Latte Volumizers 50cm (20″) / 60g for extra volume and length. If you are completely satisfied with the length of your hair and just want some extra volume, you can opt for just the V-part. This is shown on the right.


You can never have enough inspiration! Below are some examples of customers wearing our V-part. Do you have any photos of the V-part that we can share here? Please feel free to send them to us at Loading…


All of our products are made of 100% human hair. This means that you can wash, curl, straighten, and even dye them darker to really make them match perfectly. But what is the best way to do this? This blog provides some tips on maintenance, which products we recommend, and of course, how to wash your extensions.

Help with color choice

If you already own some of our extensions, you can assume that the colors match well. However, for some colors such as Misty Morning, Latte Highlights, and Dark Blonde, we made the roots darker for an even more natural result. This way you’ll need to touch up your roots less often at the hairdresser’s ๐Ÿ™‚

Are you new here and don’t you have any idea which color is a perfect match for you? We would love to help you find the right color. For this, we need at least 2 photos taken in daylight (but no direct sunlight), with your hair down from the side and back. In this blog, we have listed some tips for taking photos!

If you’re unable to do so, there’s also the possibility to view the colors in person through samples. You can order them here.

Do you have any questions or is something not completely clear? Don’t hesitate and feel free to send us a chat message or an email to Of course, you can also contact us through Facebook or send us a WhatsApp message at 085-2250281! HAPPY NEW HAIR!

When you have thin and/or fine hair, you often dream about just that little extra volume and thickness, right? The volumizer does exactly that! In this blog we explain what a volumizer is, how to easily place it, style it, take care of it and how you can combine it with other Zascha Hair products!

What is a Volumizer?

The volumizer is suitable for adding more thickness and volume in thin/fine or layered hair. If you want to lengthen your hair, we would advice you to choose a full set with multiple wefts for a beautiful blend.

The structure of the hair is natural straight, which means the hair is straight and might get a slight curl after washing. Because the hair is 100% human hair you can straighten, curl, (get them) cut and even dye the extensions darker. Please note, dyeing the extensions is at your own risk. Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s best to order an additional color sample to test dyeing on.

How do I place the volumizer?

Our volumizers are available in 3 lenghts: 40cm (16″), 50cm (20″) and 60cm (24″). In our example we used the 40cm (16″) volumizer in the color Melted Blonde. Step by step we’re going to explain the easiest way to place the volumizer:

  1. Make sure your hair is completely brushed through.
  2. Use a comb to create a half moon shaped parting from just above the ear to the other side of your head. Clip away the hair above the parting.
  3. Backcomb the roots under the parting and apply a little volume powder or dry shampoo. Place the volumizer in the tease and close the clips.
  4. Let down the hair that was clipped away and style as desired. Et Voila!

In order to create the perfect blend, we advise you to get it cut into shape at your hairdresser’s. This way it will blend beautifully with your own hair so no one will see you’re wearing a little something extra ๐Ÿ˜‰

Combining the volumizer

The fun thing about the volumizer is that you can combine it with many products to make your hair dreams come true. Is your hair on the finer side with lots of layers and do you prefer not to place too many wefts? Then 2 volumizers will definitely meet your wants and needs.

You can also combine the volumizer with a regular set. We created a bundled product for this: the 40cm (16″) / 170g, 50cm (20″) / 220g and 60cm (24″) / 250g sets! These sets all consist of a regular set combined with a volumizer. So that means the 40cm (16″) / 120g + 50g volumizer = 170g etc. These sets are suitable to wear if you either have lots of hair, very full ends or a blunt cut.

For the cherry on top, you can also combine the volumizer with the V-part. The V-part is placed on your crown area and will therefore create a lot of volume on top. If combined with a volumizer, you can also achieve extra length with beautiful full ends. Read more about this in our blog:

Taking care of your Volumizer

Taking care of your volumizer is very easy. Because the product is 100% human hair, you can treat it like your own hair. In this blog you can find all of the tips and tricks you’ll need for washing your volumizer. Good to know: After washing it might seem like the volumizer is a little more voluminous. This is due to the coating slowly wearing off. It’s not a bad thing and you really shouldn’t worry about it. It’s all part of the hair extension journey :). With a proper care and intensive use, our volumizer will last approximately 6 to 8 months.

Hopefully, we’ve been able to provide some useful information about our product. Do you still have questions or hesitations? No worries! Feel free to send an email to Of course you can also contact us through Facebook or send us a whatsapp at 085-2250281! HAPPY NEW HAIR!


Every day we look for the connection with you, our customer, to provide you with the best possible service. Everything to make sure you wear your extensions with a smile from ear to ear.